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Vastu: Secrets For A Successful Life

"Vastu: Secrets for a Successful Life"
with Michael Mastro, Vastu Architect

$10 per person

Vastu is yoga, for your home or office. It eliminates stress that blocks better health, finances, career & relationships. Michael Mastro is the leading expert of Vastu in the West. Corporate clients include Boeing, NASA, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, as well as individuals worldwide. He has used Vastu principles to design buildings for Microsoft, Boeing and the Art of Living. During this presentation, learn powerful tips to:
*Increase productivity and reduce expenses
*Attract career opportunities and success
*Improve relationships at home and work
*Reduce stress and strengthen health

No time consuming remodeling is required. His book, The Way of Vastu-Creating Prosperity - Through the Power of the Vedas is considered an important resource in understanding how stress impedes success in all areas of life. Michael is a long time Art of Living teacher and has been improving the quality of peoples lives through Vastu rectification for over 40 years