About Elena


Elena's dedication to fitness started in early childhood training as a solo figure skater in Latvia, Europe. After moving with her family to North America, Elena has grown her love of fitness and has been successfully teaching and organizing Fitness classes for the past 12 years in South Florida. She has worked in some of the most reputable communities including Boca Raton Resort & Club, The Oaks of Boca Raton, Stone Bridge, Kiser University, and Park Summit just to name a few.

Recently she fell in love with mountains and relocated to Boone North Carolina, where she opened up her own studio: Studio Elenas.

Elena teaches Classical Style Pilates, which represents a unique approach to exercise in developing body awareness, core strength, increased flexibility and an ease of movement. 


  • Elena is a certified and Nationally Accredited Comprehensive Classical Pilates Instructor with over 13 years of experience working in South Florida. Most recently she has also completed certifications in “Achieving the Athletic Edge” with Pilates and Scapular Stabilization Via Mat and small props from the Pilates Method Alliance by Rael Isacowitz: world renowned teacher and founder of BASI Pilates.
  • She has been practicing and teaching for over 20 years, starting in Canada with world renown yoga master and humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation. 
  • In 2008, Elena completed the Iyengar  Style  Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Institute of Miami with Senior Iyengar teacher Bobbi Goldin and has studied with world renown International master teachers such as: Gabriella Giubilaro (Italy), John Schumacher, Manouso Manos, Dean and Rebecca Learner.  


  • Elena also holds Certification and is an experienced
     YogaED instructor (Yoga Education for school children). She has organized and taught YogaED to kids from Pre School to High School in after school programs all over South Florida, as well as teacher training workshops for school teachers
  • In 2006 she successfully completed SilverSneakers I & II cardio circuit and chair yoga certification with The Silver Sneakers National Fitness Program ( Senior fitness program)
  • She received training in Ayurveda at the Art of Living center in Canada, where she worked as head chef learning from Ayurvedic doctors, Yoga Masters and other experienced ayurvedic cooks. At the same time she owned a vegetarian food catering business in Ottawa, Canada.
  • In 2011, she had the opportunity to be a Guest Chef on two episodes of a TV Show - How Food is Medicine and Kids Snack Corner-Parents & Kids.  She currently teaches cooking classes in local area.

Elena had been working with me a little more than a year through her individually tailored, private Pilates class. She began by taking the time and patience to get to know me as an individual, how my body moves (and doesn’t) and how all of my systems work together. She designed a perfect program that was packed with variety and always challenging. Last Sunday, I volunteered to help my niece clean out her office. When she mentioned on the way that there would be a lot of stuff and it was located on the second floor, I started to tell her I wasn’t sure how long I would last at the job and that I might have to rest a bit between trips. To my surprise I made at least five consecutive trips carrying awkward objects like lamps and stools, and never even winced or got out fo breath. I had no idea at all how strong I was becoming during that precious time with Elena. Thanks to her, I got my strength back. I was never sore, it never hurt, and I NEVER didn’t want to go to class. It has become a tremendous part of my optimal personal health program.
— Ann-Marie Clark

I don’t want to jinx myself but I have had chronic back pain for years and every year have had to go for chiropractic care and physical therapy - since I started taking Elena’s classes I have not been to either - Elena is so intuitive about reading your body and knowing what you need to increase you strength and flexibility. Thank you Elena for being here - you are truly a blessing.
— Nwc
Every time I leave after my yoga lesson with Elena I feel taller and “walk taller” the rest of the day. She pushes me the whole hour and my flexibility and balance are improving. I have had several falls in recent years which is why my doctor sent me to Eleana. No falls in over a year. Hurray.
— Charlotte Mizelle

I find Elena’s approach to yoga the best for making progress on all levels. Having taken both her restorative and regular classes, I feel confident that anyone who wants to progress as well as relax will find Elena an adept teacher. Most recently, I, with her help, have broken my barrier of dependence on classes and have started my own home practice in addition to classes.
— Mary
Since August 2014, I have been seeing Elena for private Pilates classes. I have lost a significant amount of weight since then, about 20 pounds. I have become much more flexible, significantly stronger and a lot of the pain I was suffering through has disappeared! I will continue to go to Elena’s classes for the rest of my life...
— Tom