Balancing Herbal Vegan Egg soup with chat masala in 10min

Egg Soup
4- cups of vegan broth of your choice or water
1- cup of soft sprouted tofu or 3 eggs( optional for Palio diet)
1- tsp of soft tamarind concentrate( optional it taste well with or without it but it adds sour flavor)
1/2 tsp of Chat masala  could be store bought at Indian store or made
1 handful of parsley or cilantro chopped

In medium pot bring vegan broth or water to a boil, add chat masala and tamarind concentrate then scrambled soft tofu or cracked fresh eggs. Cook on low heat for 5 min, garnish with herbs and serve

Chat masala
2tsp-black salt
1tsp-cumin powder
1tsp-Ajwain or fennel seeds
1tsp-Black pepper
1tsp- Dry ginger
1/2 tsp of citric acid and Asafetida powder

Combine all of the ingredients in spice jar and shake to mix well. This spice mix could be used in salad dressings, vegetable dishes,eggs, fruit salads. It adds flavor, helps thyroid function, cools the body and supports healthy digestion.