Set aside the wine, cheese & brats, and pull out the mats! Hosting a party is a healthy and stylish way to bring people together and Yoga is a great way to bond as a group. Meditating with your friends is a very special and memorable. Relax and restorative with a tailored yoga class or maybe you’d rather grab out a Pilates Magic Circle and work on your stability with a deep core work out. We will work with you in detail to hash out the perfect memorable experience!

Here are a few ideas to add a creative spin to your next party! 

At an anniversary yoga party we might do some partner poses or exercises having fun holding hands as we twist it out. How about beginning the session by massaging each other’s feet and end by holding hands in meditation, or resting back to back?

A graduation is a time of transition, so we could spend time exploring some interesting and fun ways to get into and out of poses and exercises. Maybe it is time to learn a headstand, or spread your wings and fly in Eagle or Crow?  Maybe you’re ready to take your Pilates practice to the next step too. 

Time to relax and unwind from all the stresses of the workday life. If you had a job at the computer or desk all day, we might work on loosening kinked-up shoulders and necks, lengthening our backs and bringing the circulation and strength back to our legs and feet.

Baby shower
Join in on a prenatal Yoga or Pilates for session for everybody! Or if the baby has already arrived, postnatal yoga or Pilates.

When you or your team does well at a task or athletic competition, reward them with a party to soothe sore muscles and get ready for the next challenge.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party
Learn how to “put down your roots” with tree and other balancing yoga poses. There are so many beautiful couple poses and Pilates exercises to explore too!

Teenage birthday party
Many teenagers are into sports, how about a sport-specific class? We could work on their back flexibility and confidence for walk-overs, or upper body twists and extension for golf. Hamstrings often need a lot of attention if you’re an athlete. Learn the safest ways to loosen your hamstrings.

Adult Birthday Party
Now is the time for your dream yoga or Pilates class–let’s do all the poses and exercises you love, or maybe you’ve never tried yoga or Pilates but are looking forward to the many years of long, happy, healthy life that an exercise program can bring you, or just celebrate the child still within you with something playful or adventurous.

Senior Birthday Party
We can do many things that suit the seniors in your life, maybe emphasizing stretching, maybe not getting down on the floor, but sitting in chairs and standing up. Perhaps you know a few seniors who are marathoners and would like a good, relaxing stretch?

Group Celebration
How about getting the garden club together in the spring for a beginning of the season warm-up? Yoga could definitely help your sorority relax before finals. Maybe your book club is reading a yoga book and would like to try some of the poses out?  Maybe your running group or skiing partners would like to learn some great abdominal exercises for cross training.

Send us an email with what you have in mind to get started


Party rates are for an hour of instruction at the studio with Elena and mats as well as props will be provided. We also are able to come to you, within reasonable distance to work in your home or party location. 

$350 for up to 10 participants
$25/per extra person after 10 participants

Fill out our form to start your party planing with use. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email us or call. We will do our best to accomidate what you have in mind.

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