Our New Pilates Instructor! Alex


We are excited to announce we are brining on a new Pilates instructor for even more variety in your classes!

Please give a big warm welcome to Alex Schroeder!

Alex Schroeder is a graduate of the ASU Classical Pilates Training Program 2018 with 600+ hours of personal, hands-on training. She grew up dancing and started teaching dance when she was fifteen. From there, her passion for teaching and helping individuals improve their physical and mental health grew. She started doing Pilates in 2015 and fell in love. Sharing this practice with people, tailoring every lesson to their specific needs, and watching them grow is her inspiration. Her clients are why she loves this work! She is very personable, motivational, and energetic. She looks forward to teaching and watching her clients become more pleased with their work and bodies. She designs every lesson for the client in front of her, giving them what they need that day, so they can walk away feeling rejuvenated. Her passion is improving other’s lives through this mindful practice, and she would love to be able to do that for you!

In addition to her love for all things dance and Pilates, she loves hiking, traveling, animals, and graphic design. Her favorite place is in her eno on her back porch. She is creative, fun loving, and adventurous.